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My Learning Journal – Strategic Business Planning 615

Here is my Learning Journal assignment for one of the hardest, yet at the same time, most interesting units I ever took part in – Strategic Business Planning 615. The idea of the assignment was to write some thoughts on some of the issues that we’ve touched upon in this unit; cases, personal observations and/or experiences that stood-out for us during the semester (almost like a journal one might say :)).

I’ve covered a few topics in here; my views on business strategy/strategies, my personal brand development, External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) of my cigarette habit, the protagonist from the movie ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop‘ and how he links with business strategies, depression and environmentalism. Click here to download the assignment!There’s a lot in there, but it all makes one solid cohesive unit.

I ended-up receiving a High Distinction for this, and I must say, if it wasn’t for my lecturer Ron Reagan and his open-mindedness, this could have been marked a lot lower – thank you Ron for allowing my imagination run wild. He is a brilliant lecturer, very understanding and easy to get along with – even though he portrays himself otherwise…

Marketing Promise #2

I will always look at how I can provide value to the consumer first, and the brand second.

The only way of getting something back is by giving it away first.

Marketing promo of January 2011 – Flying Lotus ‘Augmented Reality’ app

On January 12, I received an email and noticed a Facebook notification from Warp Records about their new Trigger Webcam app for the Flying Lotus ‘Cosmogramma’ album. To complement the release, Warp decided to give away some of the album’s out-takes and remixes for free. It rewarded those that bought the original album (on vinyl, CD or mp3), as the only way of obtaining the free material is by ‘unlocking’ it through an app using the album’s original artwork.

Since the whole experience is rather fun, you just can’t help to think how awesome FlyLo and Warp is. Not only is this app encouraging fans to purchase physical and legal downloads of music, it also encourages people that already have the album/product/brand to pick it up, hold it in their hands, and spend some time with it. Pure genius if you ask me…

Anyway, I was so impressed with the positive feedback that this app generated, I decided to save the Facebook announcement and it comments as a pdf – it’s three days of users going nuts and sharing info/download tips with themselves (you can download the pdf here).

Check out the app website and the app developer’s blog to see how it all works.

BBC News – Are record clubs the new book clubs?

A growing number of music-lovers unhappy about the way album tracks are enjoyed in a pick-and-mix fashion have decided to take action. Not happy with the “fast food music” download culture, they decided to start a club where the rules are simple – no talking, no texting, and you must listen to every song on the album.

BBC News – Are record clubs the new book clubs?.

Article Review: Beat Happening – International Marketing 615

This is a copy of my article review assignment for International Marketing 615. The assignment asked to choose a recent newspaper/magazine article that describes a situation that could possibly impact organisations from a marketing perspective.

I chose an article that described the current hip-hop scene in Los Angeles and how the changes and trends that are taking place in that community are slowly spreading and being adapted by the rest of the world-wide hip-hop scene.

Final mark for this piece was a distinction – not too sure what was good/bad, as the lecturer did not provide any feedback (I took this unit on-line – never again. Online feedback by Curtin for this unit was useless, ie non-existent). Anyway, hope it helps you out. And no copying! 🙂

XLR8R Magazine

It’s the place to go if you want to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the so called “underground” music scene. After all, music is a huge influence on our culture, so it’s good to know what occupies the hearing space of people out there.

Link –